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 Colourful cupcakes

Colourful cupcakes


Over the last couple of years I've made all manner of cakes. I have stepped up, suggested and designed, making the perfect (!) product for everyone who asked.

I know that I love cupcakes and I love anything colourful. These are the the things I've most enjoyed. 

In 2017 I am now offering all the colour and cupcakes you can dream of. I will show you what I can do so you can pick what suits you. 

A tower of cupcakes for a 21st birthday. A table spread with pink cupcakes for a baby shower.  elaborate floral cupcakes for a wedding. Hundereds of cupcakes with logos for a product launch. Gold cupcakes for a 40th. 

You get the idea. Pictures soon.  

Keep happy - do things you love. 



 Gold glitter cupcake 40th birthday

Gold glitter cupcake 40th birthday