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Esme Baker

Lovely to meet new customers at the Surrey Food Festival last weekend. 

Baking starts just 2 days before an event like this, so, in the few weeks before, I have some time for other things.

Top priority, obviously, is to have bunting that matches the cake cases.  Oh and the display cakes, plates, table cloth, serviettes... If it's hot pink or lime green then I'm trying to work out what I could use it for. 

Luckily (?) I got a parking ticket when I bought the bunting fabric. A clear sign that I need to come back to earth, stop shopping and make cakes.

I enjoyed heaps of compliments about the cakes, people continuously taking photos of the stall, I even had an offer to buy the bunting (which I should have taken to cover the cost of the parking ticket). It all made for a great day.

See you again next year.